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Small hands wave goodbye over their mother shoulder.  Calling out, "bye-bye, Laura!"
Mama holds the little girl tight, holding back the urge to cry.  She tells herself; be strong for your children's sake.  She knows what dangers lay ahead, but she puts on a brave face.
Grandmother's words can't change the minds of those in the position of power.  She wants only the best for her daughter and for her grandchildren.  She wants to keep them close so she can look after them, but those in a position of power don't listen. They shrug her off as ill.  
The one left standing on the other side of the chain link fence, grips the fence, restraining the urge to run after them.  No matter how much she wants to, the cop standing 10 feet to right keeps her from it.  The little girl's goodbye makes her a little lightheaded.  She calls out "bye-bye, Fay-Fay!" She fears she wanted get to see that little girl again or the girls little brother.  She turns away from the fence cursing the system under her breath.  When the front door closes behind her and she hears the car leave all she wants to do is scream.  The stupid mistakes her parents made when she was small prevented your from protecting people dear to her.  She promised herself than, as she'd done before that she would never make the mistakes her parents did.
Btw Laura is my real name and this is nonfiction.

The other day children's services came to a dear friend of mine and threatened to take your children from her unless she moved out of her mother's house. I don't think this is justice or anyone's place to decide, but her own. Even if I think that way, it's part of the system. The system we call government. I couldn't help her, as many times as I promise she'd have a home, children services wouldn't let her stay with my family. That same system threatened my parents when I was small, only because we lived in a house with wood heat. Yeah, it got cold, but we were never sick and we were happy. Because my parents had a record with children services they wouldn't let her stay with us. It made me so mad I would have love to sock the children's services bitch in the face. I think what made me more angry was the fact that the only way children's services can make a parent cooperate is by bringing a police officer with them. That's not justice, that police officer should be off catching robbers not destroying families. I can understand when a child's in an abusive situation that something should be done, but those children weren't in an abusive situation.
I've often been called dumb by those willing to conform to the system, but I want a revolution. I've heard other people who want revolution say the first thing they would get rid of in america's government is children's services. There just a bunch of educated people shoving their ideals on others.

Just to make this clear you can critique the story its welcome, but the subject matter is not up for debate. I'm simply expressing my own opinion. I'm happy to hear if others agree with them but I'm not willing to listen to people who don't.

I hope you like it, sorry for any spelling or punctuation errors.

Fucking thanks! I said your free to debate, but not troll!
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July 12, 2011
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